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About the Team


Isabella Magni (Rutgers University), Editor, Digital Coordinator, Content Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Paleographer and Contributor

Lia Markey (Newberry Library), Editor, and Contributor

Maddalena Signorini (Università di Roma Tor Vergata), Paleographer, Editor


Technical Team at the University of Toronto

Sian Meikle, Associate Chief Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology

Rachel di Cresce, Digital Projects Librarian

Kelli Babcock, Digital Initiatives Librarian

Bilal Khalid, Senior Application Programmer Analyst

Monica Ung, Application Programmer Analyst

Jana Rajakumar, Application Programmer Analyst

Dickson Law, Application Programmer Analyst


Technical Team at the Walter Ong SJ Center for Digital Humanities, St. Louis University

Donal Hegarty, Program Manager, UX/UI Designer

Bryan Haberberger, Web Developer

Patrick Cuba, IT Architect



Paul Gehl (Newberry Library), Consultant and Contributor

Smiljiana Antonijevic, Usability Consultant

James R. Akerman (Newberry Library), Consultant for Maps and Contributor

Jill Gage (Newberry Library), Consultant for Calligraphy Books and Contributor

Carla Zecher (Renaissance Society of America), Consultant



Ella Anderson, Essay Contributor

Eufemia Baldassarre (University of Chicago), Essay Contributor

Deborah Blocker (Stanford University), Essay Contributor

Erasmo Castellani (Duke University), Essay Contributor

Allison Cornish (New York University), Essay Contributor

Daniela D’Eugenio (Vanderbilt University), Essay Contributor

Jacob Eisensmith (University of Pittsburgh), Essay Contributor

Elizabeth Elmi (Indiana University), Essay Contributor

Rebecca L. Fall (Newberry Library), Copy-editor

Christopher Fletcher (Newberry Library), Essay Contributor

Diletta Gamberini (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Essay Contributor

Ramona Hocker (ÖAW - Institut für kunst- und musikhistorische Forschungen), Essay Contributor

Elizabeth Horodowich (New Mexico State University), Essay Contributor

Elisa Jones (Newberry Library), Metadata Contributor

Gilbert Jones (Case Western Reserve University), Essay Contributor

Suzanne Karr Schmidt (Newberry Library), Essay Contributor

Bryan Keene (The Getty LIbrary and Museum), Essay and Transcription Contributor

Robert L. Kendrick (University of Chicago), Essay Contributor

Kristen Keach (University of California, Berkeley), Essay Contributor

Madeleine Klein. Essay Contributor

Lucia Marchi (Depaul University), Essay and Transcription Contributor

Lino Mioni (Indiana University), Essay Contributor

Matthew Mason (University of California, Berkeley), Essay Contributor

Melissa Moreton (Hill Museum and Manuscript Library), Essay Contributor

Andrea Polegato (California State University, Fresno),  Essay Contributor

Claire Ptaschinski (University of Pittsburgh), Copy-editor

Stephanie Reitzig (Univeristy of Chicago), Project Intern

Mario Sassi (University of Pennsylvania), Essay Contributor

Paolo Scartoni (Rutgers University), Essay Contributor

Alexandra Thomas (Skidmore College), Essay Contributor

Tonia Triggiano (Dominican University), Essay Contributor

William Wallace (Washington University in St. Louis), Essay Contributor

John Witty (Emory University), Essay Contributor


Newberry Library Staff

Lesa Dowd and the entire Conservation Services Department

Jennifer Thom Dalzin and the entire Digital Initiatives and Services Department

John Powell and Catherine Gass (Digital Imaging Services); Jen Wolfe and Matthew Krc (Digital Initiatives Services)

Lisa Schoblasky, Christopher Cialdella and all the librarians and library assistants at the Roger and Julie Baskes Department of Special Collections Services

Jessica Grzegorski

Alex Teller and the Communications and Marketing Staff

D. Bradford Hunt