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Transcriptions for Manuscripts

Below you can find the list of transcriptions for all of the manuscripts. You can find the transcription standards here. In Resources you can find a list of the most common Letter Forms and Abbreviations.

Title Date
Acciaiuoli Family Correspondence 1342
Account and Memorandum Book of the Works Administration of Santa Maria degli Alberighi in Florence 1501
Account Book of Santa Maria degli Alberighi in Florence 1501
Account Book on the Management of a Landed Estate 1455
Agreement between Bernardo de Lazara and Pietro Calzetta for the Decoration of the Corpus Christi Chapel in Padua 1466
Ajax 1694
Alessandro Giunta Letter 1603
Algorismus 1375
Aristotle's Ethics Translated by Taddeo Alderotti 1356
Ballate by Paolo da Firenze 1400
Book of Fortune 1600
Book of Hours 1275
Book of Sun and Moon Calculations 1392
Cambini's History of France 1500
Cardinal Azzolino's Poetry 1664
Cellini Letter 1565
Chiarini Family Correspondence 1390
Choirbook of Hymns and Motets 1600
Chronicle of Rome and Southern Italy 1390
Collection of Diplomatic Speeches 1300
Collection of Documents from Piacenza and Parma 1500
Collection of Documents Bound Together 1500
Collection of Italian Poetry 1500
Collection of Veneziano's Poems in Sicilian Dialect 1550
Collection of Vernacular Prose and Verse 1450
Commentary on Petrarch's Triumph of Fame 1480
Copies of Venetian Documents in Latin and Vernacular 1570
Copy of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy 1330
Copy of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy transcribed by Andrea Lancia 1345
Copy of Francesco Petrarca's Songbook Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta 1375
Copy of Giovanni Boccaccio's Filostrato 1450
Copy of the Iliad in Tuscan Translation 1500
Coraro's History of France 1641
Essay by Lodovico Castelvetro on the Poets' Invocation to the Muses 1578
Essay on the Jesuit's Customs and Government 1665
Florentine Chronicle 1500
Florentine Priorista 1530
Fortification by "Monsiu di Vouban" 1700
Francesco I de' Medici Letter 1559
Gasparo Tentivo's Atlas 1661
Giacomo Castelvetro's Autograph Documents 1595
Giacomo Franco Letter 1619
Giovanni Battista Bodoni's Notes 1780
Giuseppe Gualdi's Diary 1651
Guild Statutes of the Florentine Mercanzia and its University 1580
Handbook for Confessors 1466
History of Venice by Gian Giacomo Caroldo 1500
Humanistic Miscellany 1450
Inventory of Buildings Selected by Michelangelo to be Demolished 1529
Italian Proverbs 1425
Legend of St. Blaise 1467
Letter to Joannes Barbadico from Leonardo Loredano 1516
Life of Cardinal Reginaldo Polo and Senate Report by Marin de Cavalli 1560
Lives of the Fathers 1460
Lodovico Castelvetro's autograph notes on Petrarch 1562
Lorenzo de' Medici Letter 1485
Mantiga Family's Account Book 1522
Memorial and Account Book of the Angelio Family 1547
Memorial book of Pepo Albizzi 1340
Michelangelo Letter 1545
Miscellany 1465
Notarial Certificate Concerning the Legitimation of Marco Negroponte, Issued in Venice, 1581 1581
Notes in Giambattista della Porta's Magiae naturalis 1589
Notes in Luca Pacioli's Somma 1494
Notes on payments made for the funeral of Cardinal Giacomo de Angelis 1695
On the First Punic War 1450
On the First Punic War in Vernacular 1464
Orders of the Society of St. Ambrose 1572
Partial Index of Livy's Historiae 1400
Philosophical Considerations on God and the Soul 1480
Pisan Naval Account 1090
Prayers to Saint Jerome 1450
Prose and Poetry by Giovanni Battista Ciampoli 1649
Record Book Concerning Rights of Patronage of the General Chapter of the Franciscans in Vicenza 1610
Register for contracts and purchases of the Orsucci family 1497
Register of Criminals Executed in Venice 1775
Register of Government and Public Officials of the City of Florence 1700
Register of the Angelio Family's Affairs and Properties in Barga 1651
Religious Miscellany 1464
Robert Dudley Letter 1643
Rule of Saint Augustine for Nuns 1350
Rule of Saint Benedict (in Italian) 1450
Sacred Poems 1450
Saint Jerome's Life and Letters 1480
Seventeenth-Century Register of Florentine Families 1610
Special Dispensations for Foreigners to Join the Order of St. Stephen 1562
Statutes of the Sienese Guild of Stationers and Booksellers 1615
Strozzi Text Dedicated to Grand Duke Ferdinando II 1621
Sundial Manual 1600
Supplication 1469
Terze Rime by Dante Alighieri 1502
The Art of Cooking 1460
The Discourse of Vincenzo Galilei 1735
The Flower of Battle 1410
The Mirror of the Cross 1425
The Mirror of the Cross (Printed Book) 1481
The Sphere 1425
The Study of Counterpoint from Johann Joseph Fux’s Gradus ad parnassum 1700
The Vincenzo Capirola Lutebook 1515
Treatise on Political Issues Relating to Italy 1640
Treatise on the Tuscan Language 1700
Venetian Chronicle 1400